Through 13 years of experience working at digital marketing agencies and consulting independently, I have extensive knowledge of paid search campaigns, online communication, SEO, social media, and ecommerce businesses. I began to focus on using social media to help clients build brand awareness, increase engagement and reach their conversion goals when I realized how much social media can help businesses find and engage with their target markets.

Along with creating content plans for my clients, I engage in targeted media buying on social media platforms in order to generate more quality traffic.

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Why hire someone to help with media buying on social media platforms?

While using online advertising to increase traffic to your website helps generate leads, many businesses struggle with the nuances of how to use media buying to enhance their online marketing efforts.

Media buying is scalable. You can have a small budget and still see significant results. Starting with a small budget means you get to test and discover what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, most advertising platforms don’t have a minimum budget that you need invest to run ads. Buying online advertising on platforms like Facebook and creating campaigns can seem a little daunting at first, but mastering this skill gives you a competitive advantage.

That’s why I offer a 3-month package where I will create highly targeted campaigns and help you generate the results you want. After the 3-month package, you can take what you’ve learned from our partnership and continue the media buying on your own or continue to work with me if you prefer to have it done for you.

One word that every online advertiser needs to be familiar with is testing. Testing can mean the difference between hundreds of leads or wasted money. Split testing your online campaigns is essential, especially in the beginning. In order to run a split test, you’ll set up a control campaign and an experimental campaign. I recommend split testing everything from headlines to calls-to-action. It’s also important to only base your test on one metric at a time such as conversions, downloads or sales.

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I have helped many business owners learn how to effectively market their brands to generate more sales. If you would like to find out how I can help you do the same, send me a message and let me know about your business needs.

My offers are tailored for each client’s needs. I typically help clients in two ways:-